Effective Methods for Penis Enlargement

Every normal man wants a larger penis to please their ladies. Once you have decided that your penis size is large enough; there are very many options that you can choose from (like the last article) to make it fit your desired size. Some of these methods are permanent (if you continue as a routine); others temporary.

Here are a few options that you can choose from for your penis enlargement. Starting with the least effective to most effective:


This is the most common method used by people looking for a natural penis elargement who don’t want to take a supplement/pill.

These have been been known to man for many years. It works on the basic principle that the body adapts to the environment it is exposed to. That is for example, one builds muscles after numerous weight lifts. The penis extender device stretches and lengthens the penis gradually. This leads to cells growing effectively thereby making the penis larger. If you do exactly what is advertised you can usually gain 1 to 1.5 inches in the first 3 months or so.

Always be careful when using any equipment that revolves around your manhood.


This is another quick and inexpensive way for a penis enlargement though short lived. The use of the penis pump device forces blood to move into the penis which in the process makes it grow both in length and girth. However, care has to be taken when using this device. If one exceeds the recommended pumping, the device can lead to tissue damages which can inhibit all chances of getting a permanent solution.


By far the most popular method. There is nothing better than a natural product. One of the most recommended methods for a nautral penis enlargement has been the use of male enlargement pills. These are herbal products which have been known to enlarge the penis. Most of the ingredients to these pills are naturally acquired, but you have to figure out which products are effective and safe to use.

Popular products that has been known to work are ExtenZe, Vigrx, and recently popular non pill product.

There you go, a recap of certain methods you can use to enhance your penis size.

Have FUN!!!